fgfSUKABUMI. Sunday (05/08) RZ Sukabumi Volunteers work together with communities and organizations in Sukabumi incorporated in Sukabumi Muslim Solidarity Alliance (ASMMI) carried out Fundraising Action for Muslim brothers in Aleppo.

The action began at 7:30 pm preceded by the reading of Qur’an which took place in front of City Hall of Sukabumi in Car Free Day location. Followed by the deployment of donation boxes to people in around Car Free Day, #SaveAleppo Action caught the attention of the public to donate part of his property to the Muslim brothers in Aleppo.

One reason of RZ Volunteers together with the entire community and organizations in Sukabumi united in fundraising action #SaveAleppo is because there are still many people who do not know the heartbreaking news of Aleppo, no other since the world media chose to be silence.

After the donation box deployment, the event continued with a long march route: Sukabumi City Hall (Jl. R.S Syamsudin) – Area Dago (Jl. Ir. Juanda) – Jl. Martadinata – Lapang Merdeka and ended at the Great Mosque of Sukabumi. The march was led by Nana Wijana as Field Coordinator #SaveAleppo and escorted by the Police of Sukabumi.
Participants of the march carried out #SaveAleppo fundraising action by visiting the shops, red light intersection and every community who met and the action accompanied also by oration. At the end of the action closed with Ghaib prayers for Muslim brother in Aleppo, Syria.

“Alhamdulillah from the Fundraising action, the amount of donation collected to 7,000,000 Rupiah. Hopefully it can help ease the burden of our brothers in Aleppo. Insya Allah, the action will be held back on Friday. A total of 10 volunteers RZ participated in this action,” said Kinang Darmaga, Volunteer coordinator of RZ Sukabumi.

Newsroom/Kinang Darmaga

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