yayasan-masjid-nusantara-resmikan-masjid-taman-surga-di-garutGARUT. Yayasan Mesjid Nusantara (YMN) along with RZ inaugurated a mosque that is Taman Surga Al-Ikhlas mosque in Cicadas village, Neglasari District, Cisompet, Garut. The inauguration was attended by the Director of Yayasan Mesjid Nusantara Hamzah Patdri, RZ’s Director of Program Heny Widiastuti, Vice Regent Dr. Helmi Budiman together with Muspika of District, the Village Head of Margamulya and also Local Figures.

“Alhamdulillah I represent the people here would like to express our gratitude to Allah SWT. which gives us the opportunity to rebuild the mosque that have already damaged. I represent the people also want to say many thanks to Rumah Zakat, YMN and donators, who have given assistance so that our mosque can stand as today. May Allah reciprocate your good deeds’said Mr. Cahya Dinata representative of Board of mosque committee.

“Praise be to Allah, with his permission another mosque can be build in Margamulya village. Need an incredible struggle to build a mosque in the village because the access was difficult to reach. Hopefully your sincerity in building this mosque can be maintained so as to keep the spirit of the prosperity of the mosque. Let’s use this mosque for praying in congregation, Woman activity and also as a means for our children to learn Quran. ‘Said Hamzah Patdri, as the director of Yayasan Mesjid Nusantara.

During the inauguration took place RZ also provides 200 cans of Superqurban corned beef, and Iqra Quran to be given to people in Cicadas village.


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