PONTIANAK. Happy smile is seen in Angga Ramdani’s face, one of the foster children of Rumah Zakat Pontianak when his head poked from the pool. His body does look small, but do not underestimate his ability to swim, he could swim without stopping twice back and forth in 20 meters adult pool. This is the first time for Angga to swim in a swimming pool, she usually swims in the river front of his house.

“Angga would rather swim here. Angga want to come here again, sister, “he said.

Angga, 2 grade student of Primary School has been orphaned since he was 4 years old. The father died from illness he suffered for long. Now, Angga lives with her mother who works as a household assistant.


Last Sunday (10/10), 10 orphans, foster children of Rumah Zakat Pontianak invited to tour at Hotel Dangau Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan. They swim, enjoy the hotel food and also get a gift.

The joy is obvious on the faces of the children, because they are rarely able to walk for a trip.

“Every day I set aside money to save money to be able to go to the pool after school holidays, but alhamdulillah today is not only invited to pool, but can get gifts and invited to eat together as well,” said Quizal Juli Andika, one of the children with a big smile .

Just as Angga, Dika- he familiarly called is also an orphan since childhood. His father died when Dika was 4 years old. To meet the needs of daily living, Dika’s mother worked as a laundry worker.

“I am envy my friends, they can play and bought toys with they father,” said Dika.

Angga, Dika and the other foster children that day looked very happy. They enjoy swimming. Laughter continued to be heard, even while eating.

“The hotel foods are delicious” Angga chirped.

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