BANDUNG. For the 12th time the financial statements of Rumah Zakat get Unqualified Opinion (WTP)  in a row. In 2017, the financial statements of Rumah Zakat get a Unqualified Opinion from Public Accounting Firm Kanaka Puradireja, Suhartono. Unqualified Opinion is the highest opinion in the audit of financial statements which states that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, financial position, financial performance and cash flow in accordance with Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards.


“In accordance with Act No. 23 of 2011 that the Amil Zakat Institution must be audited, the opinion of this PAP is a form of transparency of the management of the fund of the people that is mandated to us,” said Rumah Zakat’s CEO, Nur Efendi. “Alhamdulillah, in 2017 financial statements, Rumah Zakat again get the 12th WTP opinion,” he added.


Throughout 2017, Rumah Zakat has been managing ZIS funds from donators with various empowerment programs located in 1,056 Berdaya Villages spread over 172 Kota / Kabupaten and 21 provinces in Indonesia. The number of beneficiaries in 2017 reached 1,621,982 people, who received program services in the field of Health (Senyum Sehat), Education (Senyum Juara), Economics (Senyum Mandiri), and Environment (Senyum Lestari). The entire program is realized to a total of 5,667,164 total services for the community in 2017.

“Based on data from the Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics, as of September 2017, the number of poor people in Indonesia reached 26.58 million people (10.12%). With the management of productive zakat funds, we hope to assist the government in alleviating poverty in Indonesia, “said Nur.

Rumah Zakat booked more than 217,000 donators donating in 2017, with 38 percent donation in Ramadhan only.

“More specifically, 15 percent of cashless donations in 2017 are made through the platform, a platform for crowd funding donations launched by Rumah Zakat in February 2016,” Nur said.

Special Program: Empowered Ramadhan 1439H

Especially in the month of Ramadan 1439 Hijriah, Rumah Zakat has prepared a number of special programs as part of community empowerment in Empowered Village. With the headline of Ramadhan Berdaya, Rumah Zakat has a target to distribute 124,000 packages of Ifthar, 14,300 Eid Gift for Orphan, 6,200 Family Eid packages, 8,850 packages of Syiar Quran Shiva and 300 beneficiaries of Empowered Widow program in Rumahaan Zakat Empowered Village which until April 2018 numbered 1111 villages spread over 191 cities / districts from Aceh to Papua.

“The aim of this Ramadan program is to give happiness to the beneficiaries in Empowered Village. Hopefully this program can be an encouragement for them in the effort to become independent and empowered through the intervention of Rumah Zakat.

Target 2018, Build 1,234 Empowerment Villages

Empowered Village is a process of regional empowerment based on the mapping of local potentials in the economic, health, environmental, and education sectors. The purpose of developing the village of Berdaya is to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. In 2018, Rumah Zakat is committed to fostering 1,234 Empowered villages spread over 34 Provinces.

“To realize this, we have to partner with various local stakeholders to the national Alhamdulillah now Rumah Zakat has also collaborated with three ministries of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Nur.


Ria Arianti / Lailatul Istikhomah 

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