. Sunday (24/09) Rumah Zakat is back again with Sharing Water for Life program, this time through Empowered Village Facilitator clean water supply for drought areas is distributed to Grumbul Jaasari Dusun Pakem Pegadingan Village Kec. Cipari Kab. Cilacap.

Jaasari is a dry mountain region with an altitude of 400 MASL, so far residents rely only on the rush or small springs and rain fed wells. However, in the dry season the well becomes dry only a spring that flows as much as the little finger of the hand and used by local residents of RW 8. Queue Activity can be found for 24 hours just to get clean water with jerry can lined up neatly waiting turn.

“We have to wait in line for 24 hours just to get clean water for drinking and cooking. There have been efforts of residents to drill well but after six times drilled the well yet the water cannot be found, so we don’t want to drill the well again because we worried about failing again” said Sudirman as chairman of RW.

“Alhamdulilah 15,000 liters of clean water successfully distributed to residents RW 8 Jaasari consisting of 4 RT” said Auliya Rahman, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat Empowered Village.

Distribution of Water was also attended and assisted by Pegadingan Village Head, Gatot Susilo who directly took the water to the shelter of the residents.

“We are very pleased with the clean water supply to our residents, while we are also studying and seeking water resources and its installations to fulfill water needs of Jaasari ” Gatot said.

The recipient of clean water is happy and helped by the distribution of clean water.

“Hopefully Water for Life program can continue to help the drought-affected areas due to the long drought impact” concluded Auliya Rahman.

Newsroom / Rico Ayatul Yuza
Kab. Cilacap

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