SURABAYA. PETISI.CO – The 15 children are seen in the Primary Clinic of Rumah Zakat Surabaya , Tuesday (19/12). They are preparing for circumcision. This activity is a synergy of PT Baba Rafi Indonesia with Rumah Zakat.

The activity at 12.30 WIB begins with the recitation of the Qur’an verses from one of the circumcised participants, followed by a remark from the Rumah Zakat by Aditya Evan as Branch Manager of the Rumah Zakat Surabaya. Dialed the second welcome from PT Baba Rafi Indonesia by Chasan Abrori. The last is symbolic delivery of circumcision packs (shirts, gloves, circumcision pants, and money) to one of the circumcised participants and closed with prayer.

Aditya Evan said this mass circumcision is an annual program aimed at opening up circumcision services for poor children. “So our commitment to always share happiness can be realized. In the future can be synergistic more for wider use, “Aditya said.

Furthermore, the circumcision of the circumcised participants is in accordance with the sequence number of the arrival of circumcision in the circumcision space. During the process the other participants were given the game activity along with the doorprize provided by the committee. This activity is meant to reduce the fear of circumcised participants. The location of circumcision and the wait is also made far away so that the voices of circumcision can not be heard crying.

The final phase of mass circumcision range PT Baba Rafi Indonesia is a drug withdrawal at the drug depot and the delivery of money likes all circumcised circumcision participants. In addition, participants were also asked to take a rest and take medication and take 15-20 minutes rest to see circumcision conditions. After that, the participants are allowed to return home and be reminded to perform post-circumcision control.


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