Shouts and laughter heard from the swimming pool at one of the attractions of water rides in Bandung. With enthusiasm, the children tried various rides that existed, such as the sliders that challenged the kids to glide into the ponds at high speed, waterfalls, spilled buckets up to the pool of hot water.

“It’s so exciting, I was sliding off the top,” said Amran Aziz (10 th).

For them, travel is a very luxurious and special, even some who have never traveled at all. “Alhamdulillah very happy to be able to play here, before I never play games because it has no money,” said Hergi Julian Eka Putra (13 years). “But I like to feel the other jealous envy playing with his father. But, I still happy, play here, ” said Hergi.

Last Sunday (8/10), 18 orphans empowered of Rumah Zakat Bandung was invited to travel to Panghegar Waterboom. Not only traveling, children are also invited to eat at one restaurant and get a gift in the form of school supplies, tumbler, lunch box up to pocket money.

“These children are the orphaned children of Anak Juara Scholarship awardees. They come from poor families who each day live simply. Almost everything has never been traveling, because it is not for travel, to meet the needs of everyday life they are difficult, “said Mulyana Yusuf, Branch Managerof¬† Rumah Zakat Bandung.

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