SUKABUMI. Volunteers of Rumah Zakat Sukabumi distributed Superqurban corned in Jampang Kulon on Tuesday (08/08), in order to participate on Great Volunteer Reunion of Humanity event in Sukabumi District. They traveled by road by riding a motorcycle for 4 hours to Jampang Kulon.

Upon arriving there, volunteers distributed Superqurban corned as much as 200 cans to the surrounding community. The Superqurban corned beef was symbolically handed over to the event committee from Sukabumi District Health Office, accompanied by BPBD representative of Sukabumi Regency.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat, Superqurban corned beef has been received and we will share it to the people in need.” Said Mr. Eka Widiaman, Head of Emergency Section at Regional Disaster Management Agency.

After the event, the volunteers established a relationship with humanitarian volunteers Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and BPBD Sukabumi District to build synergy in humanitarian and disaster action activities in the future.

The second day (09/08) Rumah Zakat Sukabumi volunteers eagerly visited the fishermen in Pantai Minajaya area, Surade. The volunteers shared the Superqurban corned with the fishermen. The beneficiaries were so happy when they get Superqurban corned.

“Hatur nuhun Rumah Zakat, Kornet Superqurbanna tos dugi in Minajaya Beach. mantap! (Thank you Rumah Zakat, the Superqurban corned has arrived at Beach Minajaya, great! “Said Mr. Salman happily (28 yo) while sailing in the middle of the sea.



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