200 PESERTA HADIRI SEMINAR PEREMPUAN RSCM YOUFO DAN RZYOGYAKARTA. Ballroom of Located at Sahid Jaya Hotel, RZ together with RCSM YOUFO held seminar with the theme “Be a Wonderful Mom” on Sunday (01/15). In this seminar, the organizers brought two speakers who already have the capacity and knowledge in the field. Mrs. Ida Nur Laila, a trainer who has frequently fills Parenting training to several regions in Indonesia and also Mrs. Farah Diana Djamil, a former model of the ’80s who is now concerned as a trainer of self-development as well as the owner of Farahdi Centre.


In this seminar contained a material about women in their role both as wives, mothers, parents, as well as role in the household and society. It is expected women have carried out priorities in their respective roles, in order not to infringe on the religious aspect and the social aspect.


Participants who reach 200 are derived from the public, whether married or not, as well as from various professional backgrounds. On this occasion also made the selection of finalists of wonderful mom in which the selection has been made since December 2016.


“This activity is part of a series of cooperation that has existed between RZ Yogyakarta with RCSM Youfo Salon & Spa. For all this time the biggest Muslimah salon in Jogja has several times entered into collaboration with RZ in such programs as charity, one of them shopping charity, namely the preliminary part of the profits of business is donated to RZ, as well the change money of customers donated through RZ” Explained Warnitis , branch manager of RZ Yogyakarta.

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