26 JUNI, CARE FOR TEEN RZ SURABAYA SAY NO TO DRUGS!SURABAYA. (06/26). On June 26 all over the world commemorate the “World International Day against Drug”. The majority of people in this world know the drug but little is understood. In fact, there are few people who dare to try to use it and get caught up in its fatamorgana. Facts on the reality say that traffickers = users, User = originated from experimentation, User = time, the mind and the body will not be productive to do positive things (addiction).

Care For Teen of RZ Surabaya together with all elements consisting of Mosque Youth Group, Youth Mosque, IHC Youth, Volunteers of RZ Surabaya, students, and others held an World International Day against Drug. The event was attended by about 75 people with enthusiasm.

In the event the committee invited a special guest of former drug addicts from Pondok Pesantren Inabah Surabaya were asked to share with the youth of the dark world of drug. Event opened with motivation “Have we know and understand about the drug?” Which is delivered by kak Ilham Akbar, and then the activity continued by sharing activities with former drug addicts. The participants asked many question to former drug addicts, the story started from How they know the drugs, to how the circulation of drugs in Surabaya and surrounding areas.

“Satan and devil are not only other nation but also come from our nation which is human beings who are ready to mislead us. Therefore to be free from it, we must increase the faith and devotion to God, and often assembled with righteous people. Do not ever try to approach drug. “The Message from board of Inabah boarding school to the participants

The day’s activities concluded with the iftar. And at the end of the event kak Ilham Akbar as a mentor of Care For Teen advised, “Do not ever approach ciggarete because it is the gateway to the dark world of drug. Come with us to build Indonesia Sehat by understanding, preventing, rehabilitating, and eradicating drug. If it is not we who else, if not now when, awake, O youth, Indonesia waiting for you. ”

source : http://citasehat.org/say-no-to-drugs-bersama-care-for-teen-surabaya/

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