1103 3 KATA YANG HAMPIR TERLUPAKAN3 words that almost forgotten In everyday life, actually every human being as a social creature establish interaction with another human being in order to mutually fulfill each other’s needs, strengthen the relationship, etc. However, did you realize? There are three important words might almost forgotten when we interact with others.

First, “Sorry” The word sorry should not miss a single day of our lives. Of course, whether consciously or not, whether intentionally or not, we certainly have fault with the other people in terms of both words and deeds. To that end, occasionally use word “sorry” in our conversations is needed. Uttering a word of apology will build emotional closeness and reduce envy of others.

Second, “Please”. We are social beings certainly need the help of others to meet our daily needs. As for example when a mother at home told his son to go shopping or an employer asks the workers to pick something up. However, whether consciously or not when we’re asking for help we rarely use “please”. In fact, with such a word, person would feel more appreciated.

Third, “Thank you”. Do you realize? It’s the little things that seem trivial but it should be considered essential. Have you always said “thank you” when other people providing services to you? A small example is to say Thank you to ojeg driver (motorcycle taxi driver). After riding ojeg, most people immediately pay the fare and rushed to the destination. In fact, it is good while we give the cost, say “thank you” to the ojeg driver. It thus, at least will bring positive emotional to the ojeg driver.

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