Cinnamon is not just a spice that can make many of the dishes tasted more tempting. In addition to the distinctive flavor, cinnamon turned out to have three benefits that are beneficial to health. Here is the three benefits of cinnamon as reported by Net Doctor.
Improve Brain Capability

According to a researcher team from Rush University Medical Center, cinnamon powder can help one better in the learning process. In the study, the research team found that cinnamon can make a vital protein that is a key in learning and memory better.

Chief investigator Kalipada Pahan said that cinnamon can be one of the easiest approaches and secure to help someone who has a difficulty to learn to be better. Because, further Kalipada, when cinnamon is consumed, the body will change the cinnamon into a chemical called sodium benzoate. These chemicals play a role in improving the health of the nerve that becomes an important part in the learning process.

Overcoming Parkinson
In 2014, Kalipada had done research on the relationship cinnamon and brain. In that study, Kalipada found that cinnamon have the ability to stop the rate of Parkinson’s disease in mice.
Kalipada said, when cinnamon is converted to sodium benzoate, these chemicals will work to protect the nerves of the body. In addition, these chemicals will also normalize brain cells and improve the communication that occurs in the brain. Therefore, Kalipada and his team judge that the team can be a potential finding to cure Parkinson’s in humans.

Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Nearly 20 years ago, the research team found that cinnamon may mimic the insulin in the body and moving the receptor which lowers blood sugar levels. Pakistani research team also once gave Type 2 diabetics cinnamon capsules at variety dose should be consumed after meals. As a result, the blood sugar levels of patients decreased.
Then in 2007, another research team also conducted research on cinnamon and diabetes. The women who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome were asked to consume cinnamon daily for eight weeks. The women showed a significant decrease in insulin resistance.

Even so, the role of cinnamon as a diabetes treatment media still requires further research. Because this time the scientists noticed that cinnamon cannot be a strong enough treatment for diabetics.
Source: republika.co.id

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