CIMAHI. One of the important skills possessed by humans in modern times like this is the ability to read and write. By reading we can absorb various information that develop very quickly, while writing is an attempt to pick and understand as wel as communicate the meaning or meaning of what has been read.

As an effort to train literacy skills both reading and writing in elementary school, the Champion has a “Reading Time” activity. Even though it is only allocated 30 minutes every day, it is hoped that it will be enough to help develop these skills.

One of the activities in Reading Time that was recorded on Tuesday (8/28) was the activities of 5th grade students in writing about what they had read.

Suhud Syamsul Hakim, S.S.i, as homeroom teacher, gave guidance to the students to write down the results of their reading in AIH format (What? Content and Wisdom) or AIR (What? Content and Response).

5th Grade children also seem to be really serious about writing their resume. And finally they were able to make the resume well.

“In a relatively short time, but carried out continuously every day at SD Juara Cimahi, hopefully the ability to read and write of students is increasingly increasing” said Suhud.


Jajang Sudarsa / Lailatul Istikhomah

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