BANTEN. Rumah Zakat Cilegon distributed clean water aid in 2 drought-affected areas in Serang, Banten, 2-3 September. 2 areas are Wadas Kubang Hamlet Sindangsari Village Petir District & Laban village Tirtayasa District Serang Regency.

On the first distribution, 2 volunteers of Rumah Zakat Cilegon deployed to help distribute clean water that is directed to Kampung Wadas kubang subdistrict Petir with the amount of water debit 10000 L for 2 Neighborhood affected by drought.

Then the second channeling, 3 volunteers Rumah Zakat Cilegon in kerahkan to help channel the clean water that is in Ds. Laban kec. Tirtayasa, Serang with the amount of water debit 24000 L for one village affected by drought containing 10 Neighborhood.

According to Rumah Zakat Volunteers Syaiful, the distribution of clean water is done because in those two areas it is often the case of drought because it does not rain for days then the area is far from the springs, other than that there is no water channeled in both areas.

“If drought like this happens, people rely on dirty river water for the needs of washing, bathing, cooking. Currently they can only hope the rain immediately came down and help from the government coming soon especially for Jet Pump and ¬†Water Container for public facilities to anticipate the occurrence drought back ” Syaiful said

One of the beneficiaries, Agus (29 Yrs) said, “I am a citizen of Wadas Kubang hamlet to say thank you very much to Rumah Zakat who has provided clean water assistance. Hopefully Rumah Zakat can be consistent in doing social activities especially in helping the poor “said Agus.

Then Alam (39 years old) also said “I as a resident of Ds Laban Tirtayasa thanks Rumah Zakat, although only the clean water is given but it is very useful for our citizens to survive, may Allah repay the goodness of Rumah Zakat, Aamiin” Alam said.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah

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