3003 359 ANAK YATIM DHUAFA TERIMA BEASISWA DARI RUMAH ZAKAT CILEGONCILEGON, Thursday (30/03) As many as 359 children in need got the scholarship from Rumah Zakat Cilegon on the periode of March 2017. The beneficiaries of this program are spread at 8 subdistrict Cilegon city and two Serang areas which are Pulomerak, Grogol, Purwakarta, Citangkil, Ciwadan, Jombang, Cibeber, Cilegon, Kramatwatu and Taktakan.

The scholarship program in Rumah Zakat is separated be 2 sort of scholarship, that is Beasiswa Anak Juara for 288 children and Beasiswa Sekolah Juara for 71 children. In addition to get the scholarship for their education, the beneficiaries aslo get the periodic coaching with their parents get the parenting coaching too.

Ali Nurhasan, Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Cilegon said thanks to the donors for their support as the care parents. “we would like to say much thanks for your help and support to you as the donors, automatically you have been helping the beneficiaries. May God give you much reward” he said.

The scholarship donors were a person, community and the company as Zaenudin, Schoolarship Management said, “the scholarship donors come from the person who wants donate some of their money for developing the education of the Banten children in need particularly in Cilegon city, in addition to that there was donors from community like mosque community (DKM Al-stiqomah PT. BPPI, An Nuur PT. Siemens, DKM Ar-Rohmah, DKM Statormer, Majil taklim-majlis taklim, Group of pengajian mothers and etc, whereas the company for instance PT. Krakatau, Engineering, PT Krakatau, Bandar samudra, PT Chandra Asri, PT Krakatau Konsultan, Baitul Maal PT KS Group, PT Samudera Indonesia, UBOH PLTU Suralaya, PT. Budiasih, Lazis PLNAAP Cilegon, Holycow and others,” said him

“Hopefully, every month the donors always increase, in order to help more children in need for their education.” Said him

Further information who wants to pay your zakat, infaq and shadaqah and the CSR company fund could donate to Rumah Zakat, please come to our office at JL. Letjend Soeprapto No. 25 G Ramanuju Cilegon or call this number (0254) 38 5443.

Source: http://www.rzcilegon.com/2017/03/359-anak-yatim-dhuafa-terima-beasiswa.html

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