RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. A great system of zakah management can transform a beneficiary (mustahik) into a donor (muzakki). It could be realized through the right management of zakah distribution thus the beneficiary will earn a productive zakah distribution.

To create an empowered society through zakah, RZ has initiated to establish various productive programs since 1998. Recently, RZ has managed and distributed zakah fund through Economic, Education, Health, and Environment empowering programs.

In 2013, there are 5.4% beneficiaries of RZ who has transformed into donors. The achievement was achieved not only through the distribution of zakah in the form of goods or cash but RZ also conducted regular mentoring activities to the beneficiaries in entrepreneurships, potential, motivation, and moral values.

Up to October, 2014, in economic field, RZ has successfully assisted 73.827 beneficiaries through business assistance program and 272.985 beneficiaries have participated in mentoring program whereas in education field, there are 131.715 beneficiaries who received education scholarship assistance.

In Health field, RZ has assisted 34.000 beneficiaries in Free Maternity Service, 69.043 beneficiaries through Free Maternity Clinics, 1.006 beneficiaries in free mass circumcision program, 17.092 beneficiaries through free ambulances program, and 768.225 beneficiaries through health promotive and curative programs.

Zakah is one of ways to empower Indonesia. However, RZ still has a big homework on the optimization of zakah potential in Indonesia that can support the improvement of Indonesian economic activities.***

Courtesy: RZ Magz #15

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