RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. In the end of this year, the student organization and the management of SMP Juara Bandung organized a Champion Olympic 2014. The Olympic was held from December 19th to 24th.

The Olympic was opened on Friday (19/12) morning by green walk action around the school area and opening ceremony which was signed by drum beating beat by the school principle. To enliven the opening ceremony, the Olympic committee was also released hundred of colorful air balloons and blown dozens of horn.

This year the committee presented various branch of interesting competitions such as futsal, handball, chess, group vocal, musical poem, tahfidz, and standup comedy.

The Champion Olympic was closed on Wednesday (24/12) by the submission of gifts to the champions. “I’m absolutely glad to the students’ performance on the implementation of this event especially to the member of school organization. Through it, they had shown their dedication and great cooperation so they could organize it successfully. Hopefully, they can get many benefits from it,” Jajang Sudarsa, the principle, said. ***

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