4 ANAK BINAAN RUMAH ZAKAT DAPATKAN BANTUAN PERLENGKAPAN SEKOLAHBANJARAN. Wednesday (05/04) The rain poured heavily, but I did not redeem the mood of four orphans in Rumah Zakat assisted village, Citereup village, Neglasari, Banjaran, Bandung regency. The four orphans received assistance from Rumah Zakat through kitabisa.com to buy school supplies in the program of ‘Dukung Semangat Sekolah’ (Support spirit to go to school).

Children are invited to shop directly to the market to buy their school necessities. There is even one child who was accompanied by his mother because he has a Down syndrome, namely Rahmat Hidayatullah.

The joy seen in children’s faces during the shopping especially when they used rural transportation, bought shoes, bags, uniforms and school stationery. After that, children were invited to the Al-Ikhlas mosque to perform the symbolic delivery of school supplies.

One of the beneficiaries of this program, Yuli Oktadiani is an orphan who had left his mother a year ago. There is an emotion behind Yuli happy faces to get school supplies. After her mother died, her education ad been halted because she have to take care of her siblings who are still toddlers. Erratic work of his father and her only brother works as a security guard to be one reason for Yuli to continue her school.

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