99Mau Bahagia Yuk, Pahami Rumus Ini 71st Indonesia independence day commemoration is also celebrated by street children in Ambon. Excitement radiated from their faces. Not Sack race, nor a cracker eating race, but children are invited joint counting race.

This activity aims to stimulate the intelligence of street children in mathematical calculations, because they do not attend school formal.

“It is different from the others, if the others make crackers eating race, sack race and other race, but our volunteers presented a counting race, the goal that can simulate the intelligence of a child even without having to go to school.” Reveal Said, Coordinator of Volunteer of RZ Ambon ,

“The race that we held on Sunday (08/14) is divided into two parts, Multiplication for children aged 11 years, while Addition and Subtraction for children 5-7 years.” Added Said

“Before doing this race, we previously with the School Street Community (KSJ) Ambon has provided guidance to children for few weeks. We teach them how to count “Closed Said.

Source: vemale.com

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