PALU. The impact of the earthquake in Central Sulawesi which damaged hundreds of buildings including schools made it difficult for children to get education as usual.

In this case, Rumah Zakat strives to help children in Central Sulawesi by establishing an Emergency school. Thanks to the assistance and cooperation of partners and donors, Rumah Zakat can present emergency schools in Sigi and Palu.

Now there are 5 emergency schools being built in Mts Nurul Khasanah, Paud Al Iqro, Mi Sintuvu Singgani, SDN 5 Dolo, Mi An Nur Buuts.

This emergency school was established as an open shelter so that children can learn comfortably and safely because trauma can still be felt by children. Later this emergency school will also be equipped with tables, chairs, blackboards and learning tools.

“Please pray that this Emergency School can be completed soon and can be used by the children,” said PIC of Emergency School, Adhi Sapurta.

Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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