GARUT. Pulosari has been established since 1927 in Cijolang Village, District Limbangan, Garut. The concept is traditional, making the boarding is very close to the surrounding community, even boarding buildings such as dormitory build together with settlements like ordinary houses, so at first glance we do not see there is a boarding house in Cijolang. Students of Pulosari Boarding house reached 1000 people from various regions in West Java.

“The students who live here are about 200 people, but the whole school students in kindergarten, MI, MTs and MA are 1000 people,” said KH. Abdurrahman, Head of Pulosari Boarding School.

He also added that students who are in Pulosari come from ordinary family . “Our students are from ordinary families, Therefore the monthly fee that we apply is also not so expensive, only 300ribu per month that already covers all the needs of students including meals, shelter and others, “added KH. Abdurrahman.


With the modest cost the boarding school remains progressing. There are many facilities that need help, such as the mosque which is the center of santri activities have to be renovated, including Al-Quran that is used by students to learn tajwid have been damaged, even some part has gone.


“I really love learning Quran, because when reading it I feel close to God. But, because the condition of the Quran is already opaque, it’s difficult for me to read it with my glasses. I’m afraid making mistake in reading Quran, “said Iyep Saepudin (18th), Student Pulosari boarding school.


“Many of the pages are detached. So sometimes when I read the Quran, From juz 1 to juz 3. Or sometimes from juz 2, skip to juz 13. It is difficult for the junior; they do not understand the Quran that is read not successive pages, “added Fajri (18th), Student Pulosari boarding school.


Therefore, these santri are very happy when the Volunteers of Rumah Zakat come and give them 50 packages of Syiar Quran Package which consists of 50 Quran and 50 Iqro.


“I thank Rumah Zakat and donators. The new Quran will help to improve the spirit of students to read Qur’n. Before we got the new Quran we has always been exited excited to learn and read Quran, let alone with the new and good Quran like this, “said Fajri.


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