RZ LDKO CilegonBANDA ACEH. On Friday (11/20/2015) there are 58 persons with disabilities in Banda Aceh received a package of supplement nutrition food. The distribution carried out in the Baiturrahman Village Head Hall and delivered directly by the village Head, M Rizal SSTP.
Rizal said, this package is provided by the Rumah Zakat Aceh in which consists of several types of foods that contain nutrients, such as milk, sugar, fruits and other foods.
“The packet distributed when children and families reinforcement gathering (TEPAK), this activity will be held every month,” said Rizal.

Meanwhile, Branch manager of Rumah Zakat aceh, Riadhi contacted separately said this activity originated from ideas and advice from Baiturrahman district official.

“Initially we got the idea from Baiturrahman district official, after surveying, they indeed deserves our help,” he said..
He said, the forms of provided aids were incidental and it was also given to other areas in Aceh. Besides the aids in the form of supplement nutrition food package, we also provide free Ambulance for citizens who serve transferring patients to the hospital and back to the house.

“Ambulance transfers patients to the hospital and back to the house,” added Riadhi.

Riadhi hope, with programs that organized by Rumah Zakat, residents can access and feel the benefits.
“The point of our program is to share and can help the needs of citizens. We want the presence of the Zakat House beneficial for the citizens,” said Riadhi when he was in Singkil.

Riadhi also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Baiturrahman head village that has provided some suggestions and facilitating the implementation of nutrient supplementary food programs for People with disabilities. ***

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