unnamed Clean up activities sometimes become quite drab and exhausting. However, to maintain cleanliness at the same time to improve efficiency, there are six things that need to be cleaned every day.

Entrance Door
The entrance is very important to be clean. This is because the entrance door has a great influence to determine whether you will feel relaxed or even depressed when entered into the house. There is a short way in cleaning the entrance area in just two minutes. Some ways to make it clean are by placing shoes neatly put objects scattered on the floor in the proper place and swept and mop the floor with until it clean.

Towel Dish
Many people who use a dish towel to clean hands while cooking, then use it again to dry washing dishes and glasses. Given that few people wash their hands with precise and long, then certainly a lot of bacteria that will be left in the dish towel. Therefore, the use of dishtowels should be replaced at the end of the day. To wash it, you can use hot water and detergent.

Sponges has a lot of disgusting bacteria and germs. To be able to kill various bacteria and germs that nest on the sponge, the researchers could from USDA reveal that the sponge can be put into the microwave. Within one minute, 99 percent of bacteria, yeast, and fungi will be killed by the microwave method. Another way that can be done to clean the sponge is a way to boil five minutes.

Tables Kitchens and Bathrooms
Kitchen and bathroom table can easily become dirty. Put the spray and microfiber cloth near your dishwasher. Then use both of them to wipes the table in the kitchen and the bathroom every day. Do not forget also to clean up the leftovers, leftover soap to hair found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Remote Control
although it does not seem dirty, there are essentially remote filled with dirt and bacteria. To maintain the cleanliness of the remote, you need to wipe your remote in the morning or night, every day. In addition, you also need to wipe your phone every day to keep it clean. Germs that stick in your hand during the move can easily switch to the two tools.

Bottom Bag
When in a restaurant or in public toilets, commonly people put their bags on the floor. Use baby cleaning wipes to clean the bottom of your bag every night after a long day so that germs and bacteria on the bottom of your bag no longer distrub.

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