Sometimes you wake up in the morning feeling tired and in a bad mood. Especially if you wake up late in the morning, the streets are jammed, plus piled up tasks. All that makes your mood worse.

Instead of continuing to feel unmotivated and in such a bad mood, why not try to step in and have a better mood from the morning.

Here is a summary of how to set a good mood to help you feel better.

Maximum sleep

Good sleep quality determines your condition when you wake up the next morning. Avoid staying up late or sleeping late, especially for things that are not too important.

Oversleep results in panic and stress and it is all because of your own fault of not sleeping early. If you are forced to work overtime, make sure you add the time to get 8 hours of quality sleep.

Breakfast is essential

Don’t forget breakfast. Many of us often ignore breakfast, even though giving intake to the body in the morning is very good.

The body and brain need nutrition to carry out daily activities. Eat adequate breakfast, don’t be too full so you don’t get sleepy in the morning.

Train your mind and emotions

If you have problems, finish them on the same day. Do not carry your problems for a long time, let alone excessive crying. This can interfere with sleep being unhealthy or having bad dreams.

Get used to always think positive, no revenge, or excessive emotions. Quality sleep will make a person’s physical condition much better. When you wake up in the morning, your body is fresher and your heart cleaner.

Preparing everything you need

If you are a typical woman who is easily panicked and lacks detail, you should prepare everything you need for tomorrow the night before. You are better prepared, not in a hurry, and need not be afraid to forget something important.

Taking notes on the agenda will guide and remind you of what needs to be done for that day. This also helps reduce your morning stress when you have to choose clothes to wear.

Go back to nature

If you are used to getting up early to go to the bathroom, try changing these habits. When you wake up in the morning, open your bedroom window. Enjoy the fresh air, clear skies, and green views around your home.

If you have time, just take 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea or do basic yoga just to practice breathing and make the body more relaxed.

Good music therapy

If you feel bored and need peace, put on your favorite music. Choose soft instrumental music such as jazz, classical or chillout. If you need a cheerful vitamin intake, you can choose rock, pop, or dance to increase your motivation. Music is a good therapy to improve mood.

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