PT. HERO SUPERMARKET TBK GANDENG INDONESIA JUARA FOUNDATION UNTUK PROGRAM ONE STORE ONE SCHOOL PURWAKARTA. One school one store program is a flagship program from PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk (Giant supermarket) , which each year continues to evolve to some schools that desperately need in the procurement of computers, renovation of toilets, remodeling sports pitch, a basketball court, badminton and others.

PT. Hero Supermarket Tbk Indonesia entrust the program to Indonesia Juara Foundation (IJF) -which is a partner of RZ in the field of education, IJF is implementing partner in this program. This cooperation has been running for three years and hundreds of schools had felt and benefited from One school one store program.

On Saturday (17/04) IJF team and crew of Giant Purwakarta came to Yayasan Al-Mudzakkir to provide assistance in the form of two computers, one printer unit and two units of the computer desk.

Prior to the distribution for the initial phase, IJF conducted site surveys of beneficiary, many criteria and requirements that must be completed for the schools that will receive this aid are:
1. Primary School : have not received OSOS aid
2. Being in 1 ring of Giant store or Giant has already established in the city
3. Deserve to be helped
4. Availability of community in the program
The distribution of aid in Al-Mudzakkir foundation on Kp. Kajan Cibogohilir Village RT 01/01, Plered, Purwakarta district was warmly welcomed by the board of trustees, teachers, student and parents, they were very excited and happy because Al-Mudzakkir foundation got an assistance in the form of computer assistance, this aid would be beneficial for learning and teaching or for correspondence and many more benefits from this technology.

“This program is a part of our corporate responsibility to assist the government in educating the nation’s children whether in technology field or Religion” said Fajar Ahmad, Manager of Giant Purwakarta in his speech.

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