957-Minuman-yang-Membuat-Gemuk A drink is usually refreshing, isn’t it? But, there are also some drinks that actually make us fat. The following drinks make fat because of the high calorie content. Check this out.

1. Chocolate Milk

Glass of chocolate milk contains 200-250 calories and at least 5 g saturated fat, which can accelerate weight gain.

2. Coffee

A coffee actually contains no calories. But, if the coffee has been added creamer or become coffee latte, it can contain high enough calories, more than 150 calories per cup.

3. Ready-to-drink and shake baverages

RTD beverage alias ‘ready-to-drink’ beverage and a few brands of shake drink on the market contain high calories. Stanford University states that the commercial shake drink contains 280-355 calories per serving. The milkshakes are too high in calories. For example, a banana milkshake, banana alone is high in calories, not to mention the mixture of milk and sugar.

4. Soda

Soft drinks only contain high sugar, which means a very high calorie, without any nutrient content.

5. Energy drinks

Energy drinks, it can be an instant energy boost, it was because of the high calorie content. Energy drinks contain 280 calories and 62 g of sugar are not healthy was the same as a can of soda.

6. The apple juice

Well, how does apple juice make fat? Isn’t apple is typical food for diet? It turns out that a glass of apple juice as much as 8 oz or 230 ml contains 117 calories and 28 g of carbohydrates. A glass of apple juice is still healthy as long as not excessive when taking them.

7. Flavored water

Drinks with a flavor that they say healthy because it is rich in vitamins and nutrients, it turns out not-healthy as they said. Besides rich in vitamins and nutrients it is also high in sugar. One of bottled water with flavor contains 150 calories and 30 g of sugar, less fit to put it as a healthy drink.

Some drinks are often recognized as a healthy drink, but if taken daily is also not good for our bodies. Because drinking is a daily necessity that’s important for the body, let’s be smarter to choose daily drinks.

Insya Allah, Pure water is safe and healthier. Hopefully this is helpful.

Source: aanida-online.com

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