RZ LDKO CilegonBANDUNG. In the thirteenth day of Ramadan, RZ has successfully distributed 709 packs of Syiar Quran throughout Indonesia. Some of target areas are Banjar Serasan, Pekanbaru dan Jayapura.

The areas mentioned above is remote areas that have a shortage supplies of Quran. The distribution of Syiar Quran is coordinated by the volunteers of RZ. Syiar Quran is the distribution program of Holy Quran and Iqro in outermost or remote areas throughout Indonesia.

“We expected that through the distribution of Syiar Quran, we could alleviate the number of Quran illiterate in Indonesia,” Henny Widiastuti, Chief Program Officer of RZ, said.

Henny added the society to participate in sharing and creating more smiles in Indonesia. In addition to Syiar Quran, RZ has distributed 27.514 packs of Iftar (Berbagi Buka Puasa), 3.334 packs of Eid Gift for Orphan, and 1.324 packs of Eid Gift for the Needy. ***

Source: http://jabarnews.com/?p=7541

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