RZ LDKO CilegonCIREBON. This October, 73 participants from all various areas of expertise are ready to inspire the students of Sekolah Juara and Anak Juara in “Pekan Berbagi Senyum”. “Pekan Berbagi Senyum” will be implemented simultaneously in 27 cities over the country from October 18th to 31st, 2015.

“Pekan Berbagi Senyum” is a part of Berbagi Senyum, Senyum Berbagi Action that was initiated by 7 Days Smile Challenge and Smile Day at Car Free Day. The program is organized as a celebration of Islamic New Year and invites people to share their knowledge and skills to the beneficiaries.

In addition, it also can give them experience to become a teacher. “The participants of the program will become a guess mentor or teacher for the students of Juara School and Anak Juara. They will inspire the students through sharing their expertise,” Ria Arianti, RZ Marketing Department Head, said.

She added that there are many professionals who participate in this program such as Trainer, Technocrat, Environmental Activist, Motivator, Translator, Writer, Photographer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, and Journalist. “Let’s share our knowledge and skills to present a smile with RZ,” She said. ***

Newsroom/Ria Arianti

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