By: Muhammad Kosim

My Lord has educated me, so He made my best education.” This is one of the hadith of the prophet SAW narrated by Ibn Hibban. Prophet Muhammad was the best servant sent by Allah SWT throughout the history of human life until the end of time. Therefore, he is a role model for mankind (QS al-Ahzab [33]: 21).

There are at least three ways that Allah educates the Prophet: First, education by design. The education of the Prophet SAW has been planned and designed by Allah SWT. Consider the genealogy of the Prophet Muhammad, his father’s name is Abdullah, meaning servant of Allah, his mother’s name is Aminah, meaning can be trusted, then his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, gave the name Muhammad, which means a praiseworthy person. His genealogy reached the Prophet Ismail bin Ibrahim AS.

When the prophet was still in his womb, his father died and when he was still a child, his beloved mother was also called by Allah. Muhammad became an orphan, although he was an orphan, he was educated in a good environment so he supported ng mental and physical growth. He was raised by his grandfather, then moved on to his uncle, Abu Talib. When asked about his life-changing nurturing journey, the Prophet Muhammad replied, “That is how Allah educated me so that no one was very influential in my life, including my own parents.”

Second, prophetic-based education. At the age of 40 years, Muhammad was appointed as the prophet. His designation as a prophet and apostle shows that Allah SWT educated Muhammad containing a profane approach or charged with “awkwardness”.

As a Prophet, Allah educated him with the guidance of revelation through the Angel Gabriel. His words and actions contain noble teachings because they are based on revelation, not lust. When Ayesha was asked about the morals of the Prophet, she said, “And the mannerism of the Prophet is the Quran.”

Third, education in the preservation and supervision of Allah. Among Allah’s forms of supervision is preserving him from immoral acts. When he was a teenager, for example, Muhammad wanted to see a party filled with immense entertainment.

Suddenly he was tired and sleepy so he slept. When he woke up, it was already day so he did not see the immoral entertainment. That also happened the next day. Thus, Allah guarded the prophet from a bad environment. As the people of Muhammad, we need to design an Islamic-based education, containing prophetic missions, with monotheism as the main axis. Wallahu a’lam.


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