We definitely crave to have a smart child. One of tips is to make them love to read. Reading is a positive hobby that educate. Well, here’s a good way to get your child reading. Happy exploring !

The first step, make reading as a hobby, this does sound classic. However, before wanting children to read, make yourself like to read. Hobby is not genetically inherited, but the hobby of both parents will form and educate children indirectly. If both parents can only order, the child must be reluctant. However, when reading has become a hobby of parents, then the child will eventually also used to read the book.


Second, give the book as a gift for the child. Instead of buying ice cream, candy, toys, or other souvenirs, buy books or comic books for kids. Slowly but surely, the child will get used to reading, especially if the book attracts their attention. The book of the prophets, apostles, and friends, the success stories of Muslim scientists, comic books on how to pray can be given as the most beautiful gift for children.

Third, literacy tour, often invites children to visit libraries, book fairs, or bookstores. In your spare time or vacation, occasionally invite your child for literacy travel. This literacy tour is also useful to train the cognitive, understanding, imagination, and creativity of children. Literacy tour is one form of educational tours that are useful for educating children.

The fourth moment, storytelling before going to sleep, In this modern era, the habit of storytelling before bed is a rare habit that is almost extinct, whereas our grandparents used to be a storyteller often for bedtime. Children who used to hear their grandparents, grandmothers, or fathers tell stories, are almost certain when adults read books.

Five, book review, that is, on the weekend, the father or mother can tell you about a book you’ve ever read. So does the child. He told me a book he had read. After that, everyone discussed each other’s advantages, weaknesses, moral values, messages from the books he had read. This book event is more interesting when followed by watching a movie or interspersed with a light snack

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