bahagia1Happiness is something that can be constructed. It can’t be obtained instantly. To be happy, we can’t just wait it come to us but we must learn and try hard to obtain the happiness.

Sometimes people think that happiness comes from wealth. However, wealth/money doesn’t guarantee someone to be happy. If you want the endless happiness you must try several tips below:

Don’t avoid problems

A happy person never avoids problems. When she/he faces a problem she/he always tries hard to solve their problem even though sometimes their problem is hard to be solved.

Don’t interfere with other’s business

A happy person never interferes with other people’s business.   A care, sympathetic, and empathetic person but isn’t a nosy person. Not a judgmental person but a good listener. Generally they always think positively.

Don’t let others control our happiness

A happy person is an independent person. She/he creates her/his own happiness. Choose your own happiness but don’t harm others.

Avoid negative minded person or society

Associate with a positive person or society because they will persuade your mind and attitude.  When your stay among positive people you will be encouraged to be more creative, vibrant, and ambitious.

Forgive and forget

To be a happy person we need to forgive other’s mistakes then forget them. Animosity is a bad thing and it can create an endless rage so we must avoid it by forgiving and forgetting.

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