By: Biki Zulfiki Rahmat

Every business that we do, such as work, entrepreneurship, trade, and farming, is primarily aimed at fulfilling the necessities of life. Without effort, surely, we would not be able to meet the necessities of life in the form of clothing, shelter, and food. Therefore, as Muslims, we are commanded by Allah to make a serious effort. Because, by trying, it means we have taken the path of independence to meet those needs.

However, sometimes shortly after the effort is made, we still feel overwhelmed and exhausted to meet what we need. It is during this time that the temptation of lust often arises, lust that always invites wasteful behavior. By borrowing money from financial institutions because when you need something you must immediately be fulfilled. Under these conditions, in the digital age, illegal online loans have sprung up that have robbed creditors of their freedom so there are many threatening dangers.

Of course, we should ponder this phenomenon because it has created wasteful (consumptive) behavior that has claimed victims. One case example is of the suicide of a taxi driver, because of being entangled in online loan debt and must be material for mutual reflection. Online loans (read: financial technology), as written by the driver in his will before suicide, are called satanic traps.

Loans will be a demon trap if we borrow without being able to pay it back. Our work only aims not to collect it, let alone spend it wisely, but to pay installments. Worse yet, we are only concerned with lust by spree without caring about the impact of waste. In fact, in Islam stated in the Quran how to manage good economics (good financial planning) includes two things.

First, the ability to look for material (business or work). Allah SWT said, When the prayer has been fulfilled then you are scattered on earth and are to seek the gift of Allah and always remember Allah so that you are blessed. (Surah al-Jumu’ah [62]: 10). To be able to meet the necessities of life, we need to optimize our power to seek sustenance through business and work activities.

Second, the ability to spend wealth in the right expenditure items by saving money (not wasteful). Allah Almighty says, and do not make your hands chained to your neck and do not stretch out too much and [thereby] become blamed and insolvent. (Surat al-Isra` [17]: 29). Without the ability to save money, the material we get will be immediately exhausted and cause us to be inadequate because of the increasing need for life in a hierarchical manner.

Therefore, Islam comes to the face of the earth to create a good mentality, sturdy, and resilient by saving money and away from the luxurious lifestyle. Allah Almighty commands us to meet our needs in a simple and unpretentious way. In other languages, we are prohibited from living wastefully in managing finances.

In the Quran, Allah SWT says, O son of Adam, wear your beautiful clothes every time (enter) mosque, eat and drink, and don’t overdo it. Indeed, Allah does not like people who are excessive. (Surat al-A’raf [7]: 31). In fact, our great example, The Prophet SAW, said, Stay away from the luxury lifestyle. Surely the Lord’s servants are not luxurious people.

(al-Hadith). He warned us that living in luxury, even with goods that are immaterial, has the potential to drag oneself to wasteful behavior. This also indicates that we do not appreciate wealth which is a favor of Allah so that wasteful behavior is included in wasting wealth. Therefore, Islam warns that it is wasteful to excessively spend dangerous assets for ourselves in this world and in the hereafter.

Therefore, by being aware of the dangers of the world and the hereafter, we can have a balance that remains safe when we get sustenance from Allah; no more pegs than a pole. Income and expenditure also become balanced. Allah Almighty says, And those who when they spend (wealth), they are not exaggerated, and are not (nor) miserly, and are (spending it) in the midst of such (read: frugality). (Surat al-Furqan [25]: 67). Wallahua’lam bishshawwab.


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