YOGYAKARTA. Rumah Zakat distributed 5000 liters of clean water supply to Serut Village, Gedangsari Sub-district, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This is a series of Sharing Water for Life programs with a total distribution up to 35,000 liters in Gunungkidul District.

“If the dry season comes, it is hard to get water in the well. We have to queue from dawn to pick it up, if it is already late afternoon we would get dirty water,” said Suhaemi, one of the villagers of Serut.

Overall, the area of Gunungkidul is experiencing drought caused by dry season. The condition of Serut Village itself is located in hills far from the spring and only has one well of clean water reservoir for 30 Head of Family.

Residents have to buy water in tanks that are quite expensive, otherwise they cannot do cooking and washing activities. As for residents who have relatives in other villages who are not drought, can take from there.

“Alhamdulillah now we have no trouble to take clean water, we can have it anytime because there is help from donors of Rumah Zakat. In one day we can take 5 jerry cans for cooking, washing and bathing,” said Suhaemi.


Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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