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With water, all that is useful can be grown on land with the permission of Allah. With history, it can nourish and lift the overflow of the priceless treasures buried in the ground. The legacy of the Prophet, the Friends of Muhajirin and Anshar, the martyrs, and scientists that are now their bodies are in the ground, can only be lifted back through the history.

Their Science, sincerity, passion and loyalty will grow into our midst. So that Muslims can enjoy fruits and shade from the trees and lush in the midst of us.

History is like the trees (syajarotun). Starting from seed, it grows tall in a time, so it becomes a lush, leafy, and produces fruits with a variety of colors and flavors.

Ibn Khaldun rahimahullah said, history is the science of wisdom, pertaining to the study of society and its understanding of the character of the events surrounding them.

Studying the history of Islamic figures is one of deed to heaven. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad once said to a Bedouin about deeds what he prepared to meet doomsday. Bedouin said, he did not have a prayer, fasting, and alms that much. He just loves Allah and His Messenger. At once the Prophet said” Anta ma’a man ahbabta, you, with whom you love.”

Read history of Prophet will foster a love to him. The love of the Prophet Muhammad brings the love of God. “Say: ‘If you (really) love Allah, follow me (Muhammad), Allah will love you and forgive your sins” (QS Ali’Imron: 31).

Read history of four khulafa’ur Rashidin brings us to love them, loved the four caliphs who promised paradise of Allah through the prophet orally will bring us closer to together with our loved ones in the afterlife.

Love is the great heart of worship, and the best love is to love Allah and the Messenger. In a hadith, the Prophet said, “None of you becomes a believer until I am dearer to him than his childrenhis parents and all mankind.”

Studying the history of Islam and the characters, the Prophets and Messengers, the Prophet’s companions, martyrs, and the priests and scholars, not just an intellectual activity of a Muslim at this time, but will also foster a sense of love for those who love Allah and Allah will love them.

Loves something requires makrifat about who and what we love. We can learn makrifat Doors of Prophets and Messengers and the generations who imitate them through history, sirah, and their biographies.

This is the heart of worship and can take a person into heaven when his deeds are not too special.


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