Invite people to live clean, ZIS Indosat empowered village facilitators  initiates the Trash Shadaqah Program

One of ZIS Indosat Empowered Village program in Tegalurung Village, Balongan, Indramayu is ‘Trash Shadaqah’.

In this program, village facilitators are empowered to invite people to charity through waste that has value, such as cardboard, plastic packaging of mineral water, and others. Because in essence Shadaqah it does not have to be money.

Prior to the start of the program, village facilitators were empowered to prioritize socialization, and to initiate socialization addressed to Beneficiaries in advance, ranging from BBTQ empowerment members, tutoring, mentoring, KUBE, independent youth efforts and worshipers of majlis taklim assemblies.

The purpose of the Trash Shadaqah is to invite people to get used to clean living by sorting out trash and civilize the name of shadaqah. Hopefully begins with this Trash Shadaqah Program, ordinary people accustomed to Shadaqah, not just trash but in the form of money as well.

The flow of garbage begins with trash acceptance, weighing, recording and selling to trash collectors. Funds in the can from the sale of waste is back to the community in the form, compensation for orphans, the elderly and others, in essence, beneficial to the community.

On Sunday (19/11/17) the start of Trash Shadaqah activities from PM BBTQ, Alhamdulillah collected about 9 sacks, after weighed in the data there is about 5 Kg of garbage. The Empowered Village Facilitator hopes that all elements of society can contribute to the program.

Source: http://wartabekasi.com/ajak-masyarakat-hidup-bersih- facilitator-desa-berdaya-zis-indosat-inisiasi-program-sedekah-sampah/

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