By: Abdul Manan

The Quran describes many stories of leaders and nations large and strong which are then destroyed. Like the story of Pharaoh, Qarun, the people of Ad, Thamud, and the people of Noah. They are all human beings who boast to Allah and His apostles.

Humans, whatever their status and position, do not have the slightest room to be arrogant. Because essentially, humans are creatures of God created from inferior material (sperm). He was created to worship Allah Almighty alone, stay away from all His prohibitions and carry out all His commands.


Ability and strength that exists in every human being or a nation, is nothing more than the gift of God which is mandated to be used as it should be. Don’t be too proud of, then to consider the others inferior and to do whatever they want to do damage on earth as Pharaoh had brutalized his people.


And (remember) when We saved you (Moses) from (Pharaoh) and his followers; they inflicted on you the most severe torment, they slaughtered your male children and allowed the lives of your daughters. (QS [2]: 49).


For the savage actions of Pharaoh, God then sent Moses as a warning giver. But because of his pride, God cursed Pharaoh and drowned him with all his soldiers. Pharaoh refused the call of the Prophet Moses because of his prestige as a king, while Moses was just an ordinary people.


God is very angry with humans who have pride. Whoever he is, king or ordinary people, His pride will aggravate the balance of his sins. We have destroyed them because they are truly sinners. “(Qur’an, 44: 37).


In the relationship between humans, pride also often occurs even every day. Pride like this if it continues to be maintained will create to an arrogant attitude. Both are very dangerous and destructive traits.


Luqman al-Hakim gave advice to his children. And do not turn your face away from humans (because they are arrogant) and do not walk proudly on the earth. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are proud and boast. “(QS [31]: 18).


The threat to those who are arrogant is severe. Allah SWT will put them into Hell forever. You enter the gates of Hell, while you dwell therein. So, this is the worst place for the boasts. “(QS [40]: 76).


Humans should not maintain boast in themselves. In a hadith Qudsi Allah says, Greatness (pride or arrogance) is My clothing and majesty is My glove. Whoever seizes one of them, I throw him to hell. (Abu Dawud). Wallahu A’lam.



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