PEKANBARU, Friday (04/08) SMP Juara Pekanbaru again held the activity of Friday Expression (Muhadaroh). Friday Expression is a self-development activity of SMP Juara students.

Activity on this Friday expression is implemented by the 8th class of Andalusia. Lots of activities in order to self-development students. Some of the series of activities are Tahfidz Qur’an, Speech in 2 languages, Asmaul Husna, Shalawat, Nasyid / Student Creation, Mahfudzot Submission, Arabic and English Memory, and other interesting activities.

The Friday activity of this expression is for all students from grades 7, 8 and 9. Students will be grouped as many as 12 people and will be carried out in turn groups until all students will get the same turn.

According to the person in charge of Friday Expression, Mr. Muhammad Faisal said that this activity is very enthusiastic followed by all students, and this activity is very helpful for them to develop his talent. “Students will become more creative and they are required to be able to do something they have never done,” said Faisal.

“Thank God for the donors who have facilitated the activities on this day, may get full of blessings, the children are very happy with the activity on this Friday expression, “said Syahrul Padilah, Junior High School Champion Pekanbaru

This activity will continue to be implemented, and hopefully become a trigger for students to be more courageous and ready to develop themselves.


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