Camp Jamtoli is one of the big camps that became a stopover of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who entered the territory of Bangladesh. In this camp medical teamĀ of Rumah Zakat together with other health personnel who are members of the Indonesia Humanitarian Alliance organized the health care act.

Every day no less than 200 patients are served by Rumah Zakat medical team. “The average refugees complain about the illnesses caused by poor sanitation and clean water during the evacuation, such as ISPA, diarrhea, and itchiness,” said Hermansyah, Rumah Zakat Humanity Team.

To overcome those problems, besides through the provision of drugs, the medical team Rumah Zakat also try to provide Promotive Health service (PromKes) on how to wash a healthy hand and examination and cutting the patient’s nails long and dirty.

Not only that, the medical team of Rumah Zakat also keeps coordinating with local authorities to improve the quality of health service for refugees. “We are working on providing adequate water and sanitation facilities in refugee camps because our health education will be difficult to implement if camp conditions are not adequate,” Hermansyah said.

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