RZ LDKO CilegonCIKARANG. As an effort to ease Palestinian suffering in Gaza, Cikarang RZ Volunteer held fundraising action #SavePalestine in Pecenongan Square, Jalan Industri Utara, Cikarang Baru on Sunday (13/7).

A volunteer claimed that it was implemented as a RZ volunteer’s social concern toward Israeli’s brutality over Palestinian. This action was participated by Cikarang RZ volunteers, employees, and Anak Juara.

In this opportunity, Cikarang RZ Volunteer delivered current humanitarian tragedy over the world especially in Gaza. “Alhamdulillah, we can collect up to 16.6 millions rupiah through this action. We’ve sent it to RZ via Mandiri Bank account,” a volunteer said.

Considering people’s enthusiastic and support in the first period fundraising action, Cikarang RZ Volunteer attempted to re-implement the similar action in the same place on Saturday (19/7). In this action, the volunteer had successfully collected 8.6 millions rupiah.

“We’d like to thank to all Cikarang Baru citizens who have contributed in this action and help us to ease Palestinian suffering,” Fundaraising Coordinator said.***

Newsroom/Rendriawan Muhammad

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