WAMENA – Riots that occurred on September 23, 2019, in Wamena, Kab. Jayawijaya, Prov. Papua caused a huge impact and became a human tragedy. Responding to this incident, Rumah Zakat sent down various humanitarian assistance, ranging from distributing logistics to psychosocial assistance.

On Saturday, September 28, Rumah Zakat immediately deployed volunteers to conduct humanitarian actions in Wamena and Jayapura, and sent 2 tons of logistical assistance from Jayapura to Wamena and arrived the next day to directly distribute aid in the form of food aid, Superqurban, and medicine to the refugees.

Volunteers of Rumah Zakat in Wamena open a public kitchen at the Main Command Post of the TNI Kodim, distribute logistical assistance such as blankets and psychosocial assistance at the Post and Wamena schools.

This assistance is a form of concern and hope of Rumah Zakat for the citizens of Wamena so that they do not lose hope of being able to return home and be able to continue their lives before.

At this time Wamena’s condition has gradually improved, the residents have started to return to their homes. Although there are still residents who have fled in Wamena other than at the government post, also inhabits at their families or relatives’ house.

“Rumah Zakat has also arranged a sustainable program for recovery in Wamena, namely the assistance of returning refugees to their hometowns, rebuilding markets, and together with FOZ (Zakat Organization Forum) to build a shelter for affected victims.” Said Rumah Zakat volunteer, Herlan Wilandariansyah.


Hanaa Afifah

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