aksi-sd-juara-cara-asah-potensi-sisPEKANBARU.On Thursday (11/18) morning, Students of SD Juara Pekanbaru and teachers are very excited to follow morning exercise. Morning exercise is a routine agenda held on a weekly basis in SD Juara Pekanbaru.

Morning exercise is certainly very useful for students in maintaining health and fitness, exercise in the morning is also a sport that is very popular for students. Morning exercise carried out before the lesson begins and is led by Mr. Taufik Hidayat as a gymnastics instructor.

In addition to exercise in the morning, some of Students also appeared in the activities of SD Juara Pekanbaru’s AKSI (Creative Event) SD Champion Pekanbaru. In this activity Students perform their skill, 6th Grade Students started their performance by singing nasyid Izzatul Islam used movements that are full of creativity, the second performance by Students English Club which presented a song from Maher Zain and last performance by 3th Grade students, presenting drama with the title of fruits, this drama gives a positive message that each of us has strengths and every one of us is forbidden to underestimate between one and the other.

Cheerful and happy etched in students’ faces who performed in AKSI. Their performance is able to amaze the audience. Boisterous applause enlivened the AKSI.

“This activity is a positive activity that needs to be developed in order to hone the talents and capabilities of Students thus

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