LHOKSUKON. (08/01/2018), floods again hit a number of sub-districts located in North Aceh a few days ago. Among them are Lhoksukon Subdistrict, Matangkuli, Pirak Timu, Tanah Luas, Langkahan, and Payabakong.

Water height reaches 1 meter to 1.5 meters. A number of residents fled to neighboring houses or to Meunasah (Surau) Gampong.

Volunteer of Rumah Zakat returned to the location and coordinate with Inpirasi Volunteers in North Aceh. Volunteers conducted a survey in Geulinggang village, Lhoksukon sub-district. Water still won the village.

Volunteers do clean-up action in PAUD IT Madani located in Geulinggang village. Volunteers also distributed donations of the package (rice, sugar, oil, corned beef, and eggs) in the village.

“I am very grateful to Volunteers of Rumah Zakat who have come all the way to this village to give assistance to the people in this village and people are happy with this assistance” Geulinggang geuchik village added.

Hopefully, the help that has been channeled can help and relieve those in need.

Newsroom / Kuna

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