AKSI SIAGA SEHAT MAJELIS TAKLIM TELKOMSEL - RZ DIGELAR DI KALIMANTANKUTAI. Health is a very precious gift given by God to His servant. Maintaining health is the responsibility of each individual to maintain the trust bestowed by Allah SWT. In this advance era, health service point is highly accessible, especially for urban communities. But it is inversely proportional to what is perceived by the people of the suburban area.

Suburban community mostly has low educational background and economic level. This is one of the reasons why these people have less access to health facilities they need.

Therefore, as a form of concern, Majelis Taklim Telkomsel (MTT) regional Kalimantan in cooperation with RZ Balikpapan to hold a free medical examination in Siaga Sehat MTT that can be accessed free of charge by the public. Through this program is expected to help needy to access healthcare facilities.

Siaga Sehat MTT was held on Sunday (05/08) at Masjid Nurul Falah RT 012 Karya Merdeka Village, Samboja District, Kutai kartanegara regency. This area is a suburban area in Kutai regency which is quite far from the city center which is about 2 hours by road.

This area has a population with lower economic level. Most of the residents are farmers and casual laborers. Residents in these areas have difficult access in getting health facilities due to a lack of awareness on health and economic incompetence.
The program is in the form of health education, health screening (blood pressure, uric acid, blood sugar and cholesterol check) by paramedics, doctor’s examination and treatment, drug delivery, as well as supplementary feeding.

The number of beneficiaries in the activity is 129 people consisting of 68 women and 61 men. Based on age category, beneficiaries consists of a8 toddler, 18 children, 80 adults and 23 elderly .

“Alhamdulillah MTT and RZ conduct free examination and treatment here. I feel great. I have just examined by a doctor and get medication as well. Thanks MTT and RZ. ” Said Ambo Upe (70), one of the beneficiaries of Siaga Sehat MTT.

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