JEMBER. Rumah Zakat Volunteers together with other organizations and institutions carry out Solidarity Action Concerned for the Rohingyas in front of Jember DPRD building. The action followed by approximately 50 people from 11 elements (Kammi, GK, FSLDK, PAHAM Jember, etc.) incorporated in the Jember Care for Rohingya Alliance. In the action each element oration call on the community or government to care together to help the spirit of the oppressed.


In addition to the oration, there was also a theatrical action depicting military oppression to the Rohingyas, Poetry readings, as well as fundraising and the revocation petition of the Nobel Peace Prize grabbed by the elected President of Myanmar. In addition, he also conducted Hearing with members of the House of Representatives in the Jember Parliament to convey the statement of the Alliance to Rohingya Muslim.


“Alhamdulillah today we can carry out a solidarity action of humanity which is followed by some organizational elements and other institutions in Jember well and smoothly. In addition we are also heard by members of the Board and he expressed his support also to jointly care for the spirit. aims to invite the community to help ease the sorrow of the spirits, as well as our momentum to reunite elements of other organizations and institutions to participate actively move together in humanitarian action to help our oppressed brother, “said Bagas as Zakat House Volunteer Coordinator Jember as well as Korlap action.


“This action also shows the outside world that the Indonesian nation is very concerned about the humanitarian problems that exist in the world. It is very open with the minority, though diverse ethnic, and cultural, but there is no massacre of ethnic minorities here and, Indonesia as an example of other Nations to play an active role in maintaining peace among the people. ” he continued

The action will continue until Sunday tomorrow with a focus on Fundraising and Petitioning at several locations in Jember.

Newsroom/ Dea Sukmara


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