SENTANI, Saturday (09/28/19) – Riots that occurred in Wamena Monday (09/23) caused death, 77 people were injured and thousands of people reported around 5,000-6,000 people gathered at the airport for the exodus to Sentani and Jayapura.

On behalf of humanity, Rumah Zakat also mourns the loss of lives, destruction of property belonging to citizens and cause unrest for the community to have to evacuate outside Wamena.

“Rumah Zakat as a humanitarian agency responds to this incident as because thousands of residents who feel the impact of this human tragedy, so we must actively participate in carrying out humanitarian assistance actions to victims.” Said Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat.

Saturday morning, September 29, 2019. Rumah Zakat immediately sent Humanitarian Volunteers to distribute aid at the Jayapura refugee post, conduct services and coordinate with the TNI for delivery of food aid and volunteers.

“At present, 20 people are assisting the operation of humanitarian posts in Sentani and Jayapura, Insha Allah, at 4:00 tomorrow morning 5 Humanitarian Volunteers will leave for Wamena,” said Efendi.

The Humanitarian Volunteers who were dispatched would bring a number of assistance such as food and other help needed by victims of humanitarian tragedies. This afternoon the volunteer team was loading relief goods with the authorities at the airport to be transported to Wamena.

Efendi also invited all to always build unity and maintain peace for the unity of the country.

“Our prayers and solidarity at this time are needed by our brothers and sisters, let’s care for the victims of the humanitarian tragedy of Wamena as a form of brotherhood.” He said.


Izzatul Yazid / Hanaa Afifah

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