AL QURAN BARU UNTUK SI KEMBAR PENGHAFAL QURAN KEDIRI M. Ridlo Alfian (17) is a twin brother of M. Ridlo Sukmawan. Alfie lives with his mother Siti Sholihah with and his father Muhammad Ghufron in Sambirejo, Tiron, Kediri. Alfian feel very sad and proud to Sukmawan because he is chosen as a mosque Tamir (mosque careataker) and he has to live far away from home.

Everyday after school he also joins madin calss in Tarbiatul Atfal Madin at Ndau Kediri. “I felt heavy, I do not deserve this Quran. Thank you for the trust that was given to me. Hopefully I can work well. Please pay for me.” said Alfian happily when given SQ packages.

His twin brother M. Ridlo Sukmawan is 17 years old. he is 3rd grade of Madrasah Aliyah (Senior High school). Besides their everyday life as a student he also served as a mosque ta’mir in MAN 3 Kediri.

Expertise in the azan and fluency in reading Quran is admirable he is also gifted in Banjari. He became vocal in Banjari group in his School, and often wins various Banjari festival events.

Not only that, wawan, his nickname also talented in sports “I once won one neighborhood level badminton competition.” he replied with a smile when asked by Volunteer of RZ Kediri.

Wawan is currently in the process of memorizing quran. “I want to give a nice outfit for my parents someday in heaven Insyaa Allah. Thank you for his Quran.” wawan continued happily.




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