An optimistic attitude is a positive thing. Not only that, this optimistic attitude turns out to be often alluded to in the propositions both in the Qur’an and Hadith. This gesture shows that Allah really likes His servants who behave like that.

Ibn Abi Dunya in his book Husnuzh Zhanni Billah said, there are 151 texts in the form of verses and traditions that allude to optimism. Allah commands humans to avoid despair, do their best and have positive thinking toward Allah.

From these texts, he explained, that humans will get the fact that the text about promises to repay good deeds is far greater in number than the text about threats for committing sin. This shows that Allah is very fond of His servants who work and behave with an optimistic foundation.

On the other hand, Sheikh Aidh al-Qarni in his book La Tahzan describes, the love and tenderness of Allah for His servants is very large. This is shown by the presence of theorems that promise grace. The number of postulates, according to him, is even more than the propositions regarding sanctions.

Disasters, trials, and life challenges experienced by humans have actually been arranged by Allah according to the level of the human ability itself. This is confirmed by a dalil:

“La yukallifullahu nafsan, illa wus-aha,”. This means: “Allah does not give a burden (trials) to someone except based on the person’s level and ability,”. And it must be understood that there are things that are hidden behind Allah’s determining levels of something.


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