AMBULAN GRATIS RUMAH ZAKAT BANTU HASAN DAN TUGIYAHJAKARTA. Ruamh Zakat has been concern to help community in every aspects, one of them is provide the free ambulance in Jakarta. this facillity has been targeted for the underprivilege community.

Hasan and Tugiyah are free ambulance beneficiaries in Tangerang City. Two elderly used the free ambulance when they went back to their home after followed Germanium Theraphy in Jakarta Thursday, (11/04).

Hasan, a man who 72 years old live in Kp. Pengasingan, Priuk Jaya whereas Tugiah 85 years old in Permata Tangerang. both of them been delivered by Haryanto, the free ambulance officer.

“I Say thank for ambulance of Rumah Zakat has provided this free facillity. it’s free but nevertheless the service are excellent. I have been helped when we want to do our therapies. we don’t need to use mass transportation which full loaded or trap in the traffic jam.” Said Hasan

Newsroom/Dian Ekawati

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