AMBULANCE GRATIS LOTTE MART - RZ  KEMBALI BANTU WARGA DI BOGORBOGOR.Knee paralyzed is a disease that can cause people cannot walk. It is experienced by Mrs. Tuti (44). Mrs. Tuti lives in a populous village in Kp. Asem RT 7/1 Cijantung, Bogor.

To go to Mrs. Tuti’s house, the ambulance cannot get to her home because the roads leading to her house could only be passed by motorcycles. So when RZ team picked up Mrs. Tuti, the car must be parked away from home. And Mrs. Tuti must ride motocycle before riding to the Ambulance.

“I’ve use Lotte Mart – RZ ambulance since I undergo a treatment in LKC and referrals to RST Dompet Dhuafa in Parung, Bogor. From the first time until now I ride Lotte Mart – RZ Ambulance, the service is very nice and polite. Even the driver is not shame to lift me because I cannot walk. ” Said Mrs. Tuti.

Today Ms. Tuti undergoes the treatment. She was picked up from the house to RST Dompet Dhuafa
“And if I there is no one to pick me up, they want to pick me and take me. I am very grateful to Allah and grateful to RZ and Lotte Mart for the assistance given over the years. May God give health for all donators and protected by Allah.” She said gratefully.

Newsroom / Nendi Permana

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