AMBULANCE GRATIS RZ LOTTE MART - RZ BANTU IBU PARMIATISUKOHARJO. Mrs. Parmiati is a widow, a resident of Mojosari RT 3/6 Polokarto, Sukoharjo. For nearly 7 years, she has been taking his adopted daughter named Ernawati to RS. Muwardi Solo by using taxis or rent a car at a cost of Rp 150,000 round-trip each month.

This is because in her area there is no health mobile facility that could help her free of cost and is limited knowledge about how to access it.

Alhamdulillah starting today she felt relieved after meeting with RZ Solo -Lotte Mart Free Ambulance vehicle that could help alleviate her burden.

Ernawati (25) is just her adopted son. While her biological child was dead, Ernawati paralyzed because she fell when she was junior high, until now continued check-ups every month. Even the current poor condition is Ernawati has non-stop Menstruation for two months.

“I am very happy and grateful to be assisted by Lotte Mart – RZ Free Ambulance. Thanks RZ.” said Mrs. Parmiati.

Due to all this time he had no income at all, for everyday life, just count on help from his brother. While the local government or social institution, no one has visited her to lend a hand.


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